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About Us

Well, thanks for taking the time to read all 'about us'.

What can we say?

We could tell you that Claro Print is the best print supplier in the world - but you'd only have our word on than until you'd ordered from us.
We could say that Claro Print has fantastically low prices that are probably lower than you'll be paying currently - but you'd only really know for sure by checking out our prices.
We could mention that Claro Print prints anything. Just becaue it's not listed on the website doesn't mean it can't be done - but you'd only really know that by asking.
We could bang on about great people, fast turn round times, expert advice, bespoke design. regular job updates - but you'd only know for certain once you'd trusted us with your first print order.
Oh, and did we talk about how easy it is for you request quotations, place orders, manage your order history, place repeat order all at the click of a button? But, of course you'd only we were telling the truth when ....

We're waiting for you to join the Claro Print family of clients.
Join us now on Live Chat, or send us an email or request for a quotation or pick up the phone and call us FREE on 0800 160 1808