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Your Environment

Print is one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to promote your goods and services.  Just think about the benefits to the world of using paper based printed products as opposed to plastics:

Paper - a sustainable resource
Paper as every schoolchild knows, is made from trees. But did you know that in Europe all paper used for printing comes from managed forests where more trees are planted each year than are harvested. This means that logging companies are responsible managers of the land, re-investing year on year in the land and trees that are the future of their industry.

Ink - made from vegetables!
You may think of printing inks as being extracted from oil  - and indeed they are. But the oil used to make modern printing inks isn’t the kind that’s pumped out of the North Sea. Today’s printing inks are produced using vegetable oils and as such are extracted from organic materials.

Deliveries - carbon neutral
By linking in with carriage partners who operate on an international scale, we are able to harness the benefits of high volume distribution networks. This allows us not only to keep our costs low but also to make the bold claim that the delivery of your print is achieved with the lowest possible carbon footprint.